Our playgrounds are built to last.

Explore our warranties below, designed to guarantee your peace of mind and complete satisfaction.

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30 Year warranty

Stainless Steel (structural build)

Galvanized Steel (structural build)

Hardwood (out of ground contact)

20 Year warranty

Hardwood (in ground contact)

Robinia (out of ground contact)

10 Year warranty

Robinia (in ground contact)

Softwood (out of ground contact)

5 Year warranty

Softwood (in ground contact)

Artificial Grass Surfacing

Wetpour Surfacing

2 Year warranty

Ropes & Nets (steel reinforced)

Chains & Fixings (steel)

Thermoplastic Lines

What's covered

Breakage or failure due to improper installation, manufacturing errors, or material defects.

What's not covered

Breakage or failure due to wear and tear through use, vandalism, misuse, neglect, acts of nature, or third-party work.

Our promise

If anything breaks or fails within the warranty period due to a covered defect, it’s our responsibility to repair or replace it, at no additional cost to you.

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